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What Is Happening In Congo?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The crisis the world has turned a blind eye to.

In the inaugural post of our new website, we would like to start off with a little backstory. In light of the #EndSars movement that was started by Nigerian nationals who were and continue to fight against police brutality, a new hashtag was inspired to bring light to the ongoing situation in the DRC, #WhatIsHappeningInCongo.

With the traction that the hashtag gained, an idea was born and was actualized in the form of a website where the Congolese diaspora and the world at large can gain information as well as find out where they can be of use in this fight for liberation. So what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

As it stands the DRC is currently going through a almost silent war. Millions have been killed, and continue to be killed so that the Western nations of the world can benefit from the natural resources found in the DRC. This has been the outcome of Congo holding the world's largest reserves of coltan. Coltan is a critical mineral needed for electronic devices, aerospace, and the innovation of future technologies. Nations like the USA, UK, France and etc. provide financial and military aid to Uganda and Rwanda to invade regions that hold the coltan reserves, it is through these invasions that millions of civilians are killed and continue to die. Multinational mining companies have been created to source the coltan and cobalt. These companies enslave men, women and children and they are forced to work in their mines for less than nothing.

In addition to senseless killings, Congo has become the rape capital of the world with heartbreaking numbers. 48 women are raped every hour, and the term woman is used lightly here because children as young as 12 are subjected to sexual violence at the hands of militia groups as well as UN officers that have been placed there to keep the peace.

The situation is dire and incredibly overlooked and although this is but a brief overview of the situation it is a start. This website is dedicated to denouncing, informing and educating the masses and I pray we the world finds value in this.

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